Transition with multiple set css elements also not work in browser

from w3c validator:

Error: CSS: transition: Too many values or values are not recognized.
From line 1721, column 38; to line 1721, column 39
ease-out 0s;:leftwards_arrow_with_hook: wid

the line:

transition: left top 1.75s ease-out 0s;:leftwards_arrow_with_hook:

So I want to apply the transition to left and top elements with 0s delay.

What is the problem?

Hi @bestdesign,

You’d need to define them separately, comma separated, or if you’re brave, use the all keyword:

transition: left 1.75s ease-out 0s, top 1.75s ease-out 0s;
// or
transition: all 1.75s ease-out 0s;
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Thanks! Take a try hmmmmm