Transparent logo that adjusts to a background

Hello, how can I make a logo adjust to background? like here: when you resize, the logo adjusts to the background colour. Is it something I have to do with Photoshop? Thanks a lot for advice!

What do you mean by this? The logo is not changing any colors to adjust.

I’m also confused about what you are referring to.

My best guess is, you are referring to the fact that the logo is using transparency (it’s a png file). So whatever is behind it shows up in the empty spaces in the logo.

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You need image formats that support transparency (alpha channel or something like that).
The bottom line is that you will need PNG, SVG or perhaps draw using CSS.
Once you have the right image no special action is required.

It hard to tell what you are wanting to know but based on the website like you gave you could be referring to it could be that you are wanting to know how to resize the logo depending on the width of the browser. if that is what you want to do you can do by using vw property instead of px and also adding a media query in the css.

Dear all, thanks for your feedback - interesting to see that you didn’t understand my point fully while I thought I was totally clear ;D In the meantime I figured it out and yes with the PNG file in Photoshop. Thanks all!