Treemap in D3.js - Tooltip test #1

Hi there,

Please see codepen below:

I am having difficulty getting the tooltip #1 to pass with the code that I am writing.

 .on('mouseover', (movie)=>{
                          .style('visibility', 'visible')

                  let revenue=movie['data']['value'].toString().replace(/\B(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, ',')

                        '$ ' + revenue + '<hr />' + movie['data']['name']
            .on('mouseout', (movie)=>{
                         .style('visibility', 'hidden')

What could I do (or do differently) considering the code format that I am using(declare tooltip in html, assign to ‘let’ variable in js sheet, and use '.on(‘mouseover’) while declaring another variable ‘revenue’ using ‘regex’)?

I approached the problem that I was having using a different coding set-up(i.e. alternate code) and answered my question on how to more effectively utilize the tooltip “hover over” feature. I no longer need assistance on this item because all the tests are passing now for this project.

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