Tribute Page 8 of 10 pass need help to find missing link

I am new to coding and so far enjoyed the challenges, however, I need some assistance again. When I run the test, I am getting 8/10 (yaay!). But what am I missing? I cross checked with the list 1 thru 9 in the Build a Tribute Page challenge.

Here is the link to my code:

Did you read the error messages?

My tribute page should have an element with corresponding id="main", which contains all other elements.

Do your page have a parent container with that id that contains all the other HTML?

I should see an element with corresponding id="title", which contains a string (i.e. text) that describes the subject of the tribute page (e.g. “Dr. Norman Borlaug”).

You have this:

<div id="title" href="Malcolm X"></div>

I don’t see “a string (i.e. text) that describes the subject of the tribute page” inside that element.

Edit: also, just as an aside. For a title a div element is not the correct element to pick. The semantically correct would be a heading element and the href attribute doesn’t go on a div either, nor is the value used valid.

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