Tribute page - beginner needs help!

Hi everyone! I’m doing my first ever development project - the tribute page - and I can’t figure out why I’m only getting 9/10. The feedback says that I haven’t given my image “responsive size” property, but I feel like I have as it does seem to resize when I change the size of the display. Can anyone please tell me what I’ve done wrong??

<img id=“image” src=“URL for picture”

#image {display:block 0; max-width:100%; height:auto;}

Thanks for your help!!

please share your pen, so it’s possible to see your page with the test suite

you can see the reason why the test is failing looking at the error below the failed user story

(“extreme beginner” needs help!)

Welcome, Kimbo.

Here is your code:

#image {display:block 0;

Can you see any problems with it?

I suggest you use the Auto-format tool that CodePen has. It will help you find errors in your code, by making your code neater. CodePen also has a code analyser to help point out mistakes. One being img elements do not have closing tags, in HTML.

Hope this helps

Thank you!! I was struggling to center the image properly too, but I think I’ve got that sorted now. :slight_smile: