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I am having trouble understanding this code in a div element.

<div style="position: static !important;"></div>

What does the text “!important” do in this case?

For context, it’s at the bottom area of a page just before the closing body & html tags. When I look it up it seems to be a CSS feature, but I see it in the html code area as in the above example.

everything inside the style attribute is actually css (so you did guess correctly)
!important just forces the browser to prioritize this setting ahead of any other duplicate style setting.
(such as someone trying to modify the position in the css file for example, in that case, the stylesheet would be ignored)

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Thank you so much for the clarity @hbar1st. That actually seems obvious now that I think about it haha. I did look up more info on the “!important” rule in css, so that’s pretty clear for me now too. Have a wonderful day.

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