Tribute page confusion... Won't let me pass

So, I’m trying to complete my tribute page and the test keeps telling me that I am failing for a few reasons.

  1. Page should contain id=“title”, which I have done as

    so im not quite sure why thats wrong.

  2. Page should contain id=“tribute-info”, which I have done in my paragraph as

    again not quite sure why thats showing up as wrong.

  3. Picture should be responsive, which I did with the style element as
image{ max-width: 100%; height: auto;} So again not sure where I'm going wrong. Please HELP! I'm getting increasingly frustrated cause everything looks right to me, but it wont let me pass.

Welcome to the forums @Amz. It’s easier for us to help if you provide a link to your codepen.

Oh. Ya… Sorry, I’m new to all this. Here you go

please add the test suite to your pen

FYI, that isn’t the correct link. We want you to add the test script to your own page.

For test 6: It is expecting the text to be directly inside the tribute-info element. You have a ul and li inside and then text. Personally I think the user story is better solved by putting the id on the h2 with the text “The generous, silly, and loud Youtube personality” instead of on a list of facts.

For #Layout test 1: Your image is not responsive, check out the make an image responsive challenge.

You need to add the test script to your project before submitting
you can add the script tags in that pen to your project

you have to add the script so it looks like that :

<script src=""></script>
<main id="main">
  <h1 id="title">Jacksepticeye</h1>
  <h2>The generous, silly, and loud Youtube personality</h2>
  <div id="img-div">
  <img id="image" src="" alt="Sean McLoughlin, aka Jacksepticeye, in his recording room."> 
    <figcaption id= "img-caption">Sean McLoghlin in his recording studio.</figcaption></div>
      Sean McLoughlin first joined Youtube in February of 2007, but didn't start uploading vidoes until November of 2012. His first video being an impression of Solid Snake from the popular game Metal Gear Solid, which he has crigned at many a times when looking back to reminisce. His channel currently has over 23 million subscribers with content consisting of a mixture of "let's plays", vlogs, and comedic videos. </p> 
    Jack facts!</h3>
  <p id="tribute-info">
      <li>Had his own comedy world tour, the "How Did We Get Here Tour"</li>
      <li>Has raised millions of dollars for charity through monthly charity livestreams.</li>
      <li>Has over 12 billion views and over 23 million subscribers on his channel</li>
      <li>Has voice acted in several games including "Monster prom" and "Vacation simulator"</li>
      <li> Has started a campaign called "PMA", meaning positive mental attitude, to promote positive mental health and fight against depression, anxiety, etc.</li>
      <li>All of his merchandise sold through his PMA campaign gets donated directly to charity. </li>
  Check out more information on this amazing being <a id="tribute-link" target="_blank" href=""> here!</a> </footer>     

BTW its better to make CSS-codes (style) in the CSS section.

you will find two proplemes in your code:
first one
P to Div

second one:

How I use CDN link in Github?

My apologies! But thank you so much for all the help everyone! I get it not and the help is much appreciated!

I’m still having issues with the image not being responsive. Says it has to do with the max-width, but I have it set to 100%… ugh. Sorry everyone. :tired_face:

  1. The selector is incorrect. If you want to target an id the selector should have a # in front of it (#image).

  2. In the image, you have a <style> tag in the CSS code box. The <style> element is only used when you add the CSS inside the HTML. Remove all <style> tags from the CSS code box.

  3. In the image you posted you seem to be on the fCC starter project and not a page on your Codepen account. Remember to save your work, it should be saved so you have access to it under your pens.