Tribute page doesn't fit the mobile screen

Hi guys,
So I’m trying to build my personal tribute page in html/css
everything went smooth except the screen size, when it comes to mobile devices.

I chose the bootstrap link in CSS settings --> quick add
But it doesn;t seem to solve this

Any sugestions?

Many Thanks

Try clicking the Insert the most common viewport meta tag at the bottom of the HTML settings.

It will add this: <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

Doesn’t work either …
Thanks though

Maybe you could post your codepen? I won’t be able to test it on a mobile screen though…

the chrome dev tools let you emulate a mobile device. Not everything’s perfect but I’ve found that the html and css generally look/behave right. Touch events and scrolling don’t always work exactly the same in the emulator, but in general, it’s pretty close.

Try add in External javascript

ok, I finally got it. It’s the image that did the mass
i added class=“img-responsive” and it seems to fix the whole page