Tribute page FCC

This is my first project and I’d love some feedback.

<header>, <main>, <footer> and similar tags are meant to replacediv`.

try not to use div if you can use something more detailed instead .

the less tags you can use to do the same thing, the better. makes it a lot easier to read and less bug prone. you have a one or two tags that don’t really need to be there.

use your tags to structure and divide the various sections of your page in a way that makes it easy for you and others to read way into the future.

comments are also your best friend. use them as if you trying to describe your code to a 4 year old. comment clearly and almost to the point where it becomes obnoxious. cant get enough of those comments.

for the design of your site its pretty good for your first site. try to give the containers some margin from the sides of the screen. makes it a little easier to read.

check out @media next to make your site responsive.

otherwise pretty good job.

I would say a pretty good first page. Nice color choice. Just review your timeline that is not chronological.
Also, check your timeline navigation link <a class="navbtn" href="#timeline">Timeline</a> that should point to your <aside> element.
You must change the id for the <aside> tag into <aside id="timeline"> to have proper inpage navigation. Anyway, for desktops this link will not produce much effect because of the layout you have (biography and timeline are starting the same distance from top of page) instead will work great for mobiles.
Keep up the good work. :+1: