Tribute page feedback :D

Hey all, would appreciate if you guys take a look at my tribute page of Elon Musk and let me know what you guys think! I’m really noob and just started learning so any type of feedback is welcomed, THX! :grinning:

Good work Ryan.
And what I think you can do better:

  1. The image is too small on small devices viewport and its border too big. Try to do a responsive image and make its border smaller.
  2. The timeline needs paddings to look better. Add padding and compare;) And on small viewport it is so thin because of its width in % of viewport. Use media quries to fix it. And I would recommend use a background a bit lighter. This will make your text more readable.
  3. Your quote block has a quote and an author name with the same font style: italic and bold. Make it with different styles that would separate visually the name of the author and his quote.