Tribute Page Feedback - Juanquin Rodrigo

Hey all,

I’m completely new to coding and just started learning here on freeCodeCamp about a couple weeks ago. I tried to create something basic since I don’t have a lot of skills under my belt yet. Please provide me feed back with what I can change and improve upon. I personally want to learn more about bootstraps grids and how to make everything their own containers with a background behind it. - Please provide me with any helpful feed back :slight_smile:

Well, the journey continues!

Great job in finishing up your tribute page, but I think it will be even better if you nest everything in a container rather than in a container fluid. This is only the starting point, making the portfolio part will be harder so good luck and keep up the good work! I somehow talk like am an experienced web developer but i am just like you, new to coding :grinning::grinning::grinning:. So…
If you have time check out my portfolio here and give your feedback here