Can I get reviews/advice for my tribute page?

Here’s the link:

There is probably more that could be done, but I’m not sure where to go from here.

NOTE: I didn’t put much paragraph content because I assumed that it was more important to show I could do it among other things instead of filling up a page with facts people aren’t interested in.

Thanks for the advice!

The effort looks good, but I would recommend using bootstrap properties more. For example for your back-box div you could use the jumbotron class of bootstrap. You should probably look into making the page more responsive. If you shrink the window size, you will notice you paragraph text slides out of the container. I suggest making it so that it resizes and stays in the container. This again can be done by using Bootstrap. I dont think it is a requirement, but it will help when you get started on your portfolio project.

Note: I am assuming that you have completed the bootstrap section. If you havent, then I suggest you do and then revisit your tribute page.

If you need any help on how to go from here, then I suggest using the Bootstrap site to find out how the “containers” or “jumbotron” works:

You could also check the code of the examples given on their website see how these components have been implemented.

Goodluck! :slight_smile: