Tribute Page: Feedback Please!

Hi Everyone,

So here’s my first project, my tribute page. I did it on a doctor from the 50’s who saves thousands of infants from blindness. I’d love feedback. Thank you!

Also, a couple quick takeaways.

  1. I’m a journalist/writer and I chose to pick a topic I’m already researching for a story. It’s nice to consider how I might use web based media to present stories.

  2. I’m still really bad at bootstrap. I know there must be cheat sheets online with the top bootstrap commands but I couldn’t find one. I just saw lots of video tutorials on bootstrap.

  3. Is there anyway to know how your codepen looks on mobile? I mostly just resized the window until it was really small to see what happened when it shrunk but I’m wondering if there’s a simple way to check how codepens look on an iPhone or iPad.

  4. I’m not sure if there have been some changes in classes with bootstrap 4. But, for example, I struggled to get the image to center properly with the “center-block” class and ended up having to use “center-block mx-auto d-block.” Someone on stack overflow said the class had changed for bootstrap 4. Not sure.

Thanks for the feedback, Adam

See the Pen TributePage.Patz by Adam Lesser (@adamlesser) on CodePen.

It looks good. I might suggest making the image responsive. Great start.

Nicely done, mate. I’d suggest you review the timeline list. In mobile resolution, the text looks a bit crammed.
Cheers, and keep at it!

Thanks, folks. Yeah, I still need to get a better handle at how to use bootstrap to make it more responsive. Are you testing responsiveness just by making the browser window increasingly smaller?

That is an option, but I do it with the Opera/Chrome’s development tools. You access them with F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I. There you can toggle a mobile view to simulate how the page is seen on a phone.