Tribute Page feedback request

Hello All,

This is my very first Tribute Page. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I think this fits the brief. I liked the way that you included various quotes throughout.

My only suggestions is to somehow make the quotes standout more from the timeline text.

Nice work!

hi @agerista … nice work. I just finished my tribute page too.
You can check it out here:

Coupla tips for you:

  1. You will notice that if you follow my link it opens the tribute without the code panels.
    To do this you go to your settings, open your list of pens, and click on the icon that looks like an eye.

  2. W3Schools has some really good reference and example code. For example for my quotes I used the block-quote code. This link will show you how:

Thank you @sceadgugenga, great suggestion, I will be looking into to making the quotes stand out.

@paulrishworth , thank you for the link, very informative. Your tribute page looks good! I would add a little extra padding between the header and the first paragraph, just a personal preference, to give the eye a little break.