Tribute Page: Feedback wanted

I would like some feedback on my Tribute Page that I had made. I had just finished it but know that it’s not where it could be. It was harder then I first thought making one would be and I’m not sure if I even did the coding right. Well thanks.

The choice of font, font size and colors together make the text a little hard for me to read, just my own opinion.
As for the code, here and there you have missing tag endings, which don’t have any visible effect, but is a bad habit to have (missing </li>, missing > bracket on your h3 element, etc) eventually that will come back to haunt you. But that’s a nitpick. :slight_smile: Your page is working.
One other comment, that the projects get much lengthier code wise. If you are developing on codepen, start splitting out the html and style (and eventually js) into the separate panes codepen provides. If you are developing offline and only submitting for codepen for feedback, feel free to ignore what I just said. :slight_smile: