Tribute page feedback - what can i do better?

I think it looks really good - I think you could style it a little more, because unless you’re going for the “newspaper approach”, it’s a little black and white.

Okay. This is my Tribute page.
There are some things that I am struggling with. My code is a bit messy so I’m sorry for the inconveniences.:sweat_smile:

  1. I can’t resize the heading for some reason. Also, I want to move the heading and the bottom text a bit up and to the left.
  2. I added two links in the heading “Timeline” and “More Info” but I can’t move them down as well.
  • Overall, Heading layout is pretty bad and I want to improve it.

Please give me a grade out of 100 so I know how I’m doing. :grin:

Any and all feedbacks are welcome because I want to improve my code and up my skills.

Thank you all