Tribute page feedback - what can i do better?

Hello, This is my tribute page about Warren Buffett. Any information which can improve my code will be very helpfull. Thank You.

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You did not give a link to your tribute page so people can view it.

Thank you, i’ve edited my post.

This tribute page is really nice and decent. I like it. But I think you can work on adding better fonts and maybe work on the responsive mobile view too.

i’ve changed some things, and hope it looks better.

Yeah, It looks great now. One little thing, the main image looks blurry so maybe you should choose a different image.

you’re right, i’ve changed the image. Thank’s for your opinion.

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That’s Perfect! :grinning:

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The site is simple and responds well. Add a box shadow to the picture to make it stand out on the page. Maybe take away your bullet points?

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What do You think, Does it look better now?

Yeah, that looks really nice! Much more professional :slight_smile: Great job, I hope your other projects turn out nice too

i’ll do my best :slight_smile: I’m working at survey form, so i’ll ask soon about Your opinion.

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Cool, I’m working on that one too. We’ll trade :wink:

Your tribute page looks nice. I like the background color and the fonts as well. Also now that I think about it, getting rid of the bullet points actually makes it look better. Maybe I will give it a go as well. I’m still working on my tribute page. Once I am finish, maybe you could look at mine and give me some feedback. It will be much appreciated.

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Thanks for your opinion i really appreciate it :slight_smile: It’ll be my pleasure to give you feedback when you finish.

Fan-TAS-tic! Love the page, very clean and understandable. Both from the design perspective, and from the code perspective, very very well done.

Now, I can’t say something nice without offering a LITTLE criticism. Has to be done. Sorry but there it is.

Take a look at your #img-div block, specifically the section surrounding it:

    <div id="img-div">
        <img id="image" src="..." alt="Warren Edward Buffett - Portrait">
        <figcaption id="img-caption"> 
          Warren Edward Buffett (2017)

Very nice, very clean, and a little redundant. Here’s a general guide: if a tag exists solely to contain ONE other tag, one of them doesn’t need to be there.

In your <section> above, there is only one tag: a <div>. One, or the other, isn’t necessary. If it were me, I might remove the <div> and simply apply the div’s id to the <section>.

The section tag tells you its purpose, and is a content-based data point. The div, on the other hand, exists solely as a layout-base, and in this case is unnecessary.

Not saying it’s wrong, not saying you shouldn’t, simply suggesting that it doesn’t really serve a purpose.

Of course, all that said, removing the <div> tag simply makes the <section> contain another single element, the <figure>. But sections are block-level elements, while the figure is (generally) an inline-block.

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You’re absolutely right. I didn’t really understand what you were trying to say at first (sorry! :sweat_smile:) so I had to reread the section on <div> and <section> tag from the curriculum but now that I have read it, it actually makes sense and it makes the code a bit cleaner.

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It makes sense, i’ll change it. Anyway, I’m glad to hear criticism because it helps me to improve my skills. Without telling me where i did something wrong I don’t know that it’s a mistake.

I would love to share my tribute page for your amazing feedback but it won’t let me put a link in my reply for some reason. Any other option you might know about?

You can create new topic. You’ll get more feedback :slight_smile: