Finally completed my tribute page--all feedback truly welcomed and appreciated!

Good evening everyone! I just finished my tribute page and would appreciate any feedback. This is the first website that I’ve ever made in my life, and I chose a silly subject I suppose… :sweat_smile:but I enjoyed the whole process. I’m sure that there’s better approaches that I could’ve taken here, so please point them all out: opinions, facts–anything. I want to gain as much knowledge on better practices to sharpen my skills as much as I can.

Click here to see the page. Thanks!

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I like your design very much. And you remained me to put comments in my code. The 4th section can be better. I think you need adjust margin of the text. I am working on my first one now. I want to see other’s opinons.

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Thanks for pointing out the margin issue. I shared the page with my brother and he made me realized this as well. I think it should work now. Thanks!