Wanting some feedback

Hello to everyone. :slight_smile:

I finished my tribute page and would love some awesome feedback from the community. I know my tribute page is a bit unoriginal, but I’m still learning :smiley:

Here’s a link to my tribute page. https://codepen.io/OmegaJP/full/qxYQYN/

Thanks in advance for the feedback, and a pleasure to meet everyone here.

I think you did a great job on your page! Great choice of fonts, the sizing is just right to where it is easy to read. The only suggestion I would recommend is maybe finding an image that could be wider up on the top. Design wise, I feel like having something full-width would create more balance and reduce some of the whitespace on the header part of the website.

Overall though, great job, I think you hit this one out of the park!

Thanks for the feedback. I had problems with the image as I embbeded it instead of just referencing the link. Next time I’ll have your tip in mind. :slight_smile: