Tribute page needs feedback

Hello Freecodecampers,

Please take a look at my tribute page and give an honest feedback.

Thank you

Needs centering and sideborders on each side and I don’t like the font

Thanks for the feedback. You can take a look at the changes I made.

Also, the image gets stretched horizontally when view on pc. Below is screenshot.

Hey there! I think it’s a great start!

The image is a little stretched/squashed but it looks like an organized page!

I think your text could be a bit bigger but I like that you included different bold and italic styles.

Best of luck on your next project!

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Thank you. I will work on the image and font

Remove the image width, then it will be okay.
There’s one < /ul > at the wrong place.

It’s a good start, perhaps you want to try to make it a bit fancier.

I removed the image width. How does it look now?
Thank you for the feedback.

Thanks for spotting that out. Corrected.

Image looks fine now, but now you just need to center the other content like the Header and image.