Any FeedBack on Tribute Page

This is my first project on FreeCodeCamp :slight_smile:
So Please if you see anything that could be done better leave a comment, I want to make this project look good. I had some problems with centering image and making it responsive, so If you know better way to do it, please leave a comment. And again, if there’s anything that can be done in another, better way, let me know, I wanna change it :slight_smile: Thank you :+1:

Here’s the link:

I think you have the right idea.
I would suggest a break point for tribute-about div on mobile devices so more words fit in the column’s width, like this:

Instead of this:

I tried to reduce the font size in code pen, but it didn’t do anything. Maybe it’ll work on your account…

Good work! :slight_smile:

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