Hello Fellow Campers! Can anyone please give me a feedback to my tribute-page?


I was wondering if anyone could give me a feedback to my tribute-page?

Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance,


Great. I like your choice of fonts and background color.

your page looks nice! :+1::+1:

Pretty simple, but nice looking.

  1. Add a fallback font font-family: georgia, serif;

  2. I would personally go with text alignment, justify or left align.

  3. Make the source link clickable.

  4. You are missing the end parentheses and period here “(Wonder of the Age”

The page is clean and simple, it fulfills the requirements and gets the job done. Good job.

Thanks guys for you replies :slight_smile:


Good points! I have changed some of the code with what you have mentioned.

What do you mean with point 2? Can you be more specific?

I mean use text-align: justify; or text-align: left;

Center aligned text is harder to read, especially when there is a lot of it.

Thanks @lasjorg

For now I will leave it like this because the text is not that long
and for the purpose of this page it is a good styling I think :slight_smile:

But what I did change is the font-size to 18px when the screen hits
a width of 600px or less. Because on small screens if the font-size is to big
it does not look that nice anymore…

Hi Pascal,

Great job on your tribute page.

The background img blends well with the img of Said. Also nice job on the font selection for the body text.

Keep up the good work!

Dan M

Thanks for your feedback @Daniel-May :slight_smile:

Wow… I have accessed it on my chrome browser and everything is okay. Thanks for the hard work :blush: