Build a Tribute Page(FCC)

guyz i built my tribute page. please check it out and give some feedback.
tribute page

Good job.
For the font, I would look at They have a lot of fonts which you can import. For the rest of the page, it looks like you’d be better of making the width of the text smaller, and center aligning it, giving it more padding. Also, instead of a div with a class of space, you can use a line break tag, or <br>. Keep it up!


thanks man for your advice, I wanted to keep it simple but i’ll definitely give what you said a try and see how it comes out. One other thing, what do you think about the image. Looking at it makes me think its too big and i couldn’t find a way of reducing the size without make it stretch when view port size changes. what should I do?

I didn’t have the image come up on my screen.

Unauthorised 401 error on the img location as it’s located in a dropbox behind username / password. Might be better linking from a public source or uploading an image asset.