Tribute Page (Feedback)

Hi, everyone.
I’ve been working in my Tribute Page and in the beginning I was planning to give it a minimalist design but now that I´ve finished it I feel I should add something more to make it more interesting, because until now I think it may look a bit boring, but I don´t know what. I would appreciate any suggestion.
Here´s the link to my project:

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It’s really good. I like it. I believe if you center the picture above the name. It would be better. You have used an external library as well. That’s great.

Hi Hillary, I love your tribute page. It’s original and not a simple copy. The style is good and there’s also some animation… Great job!

Your page looks fabulous. I suggest

  • having the div “My Ethics; My Codes of Life” slide in the opposite direction from the other two.
  • have the picture move below the h1 element in mobile view.

@adi188288 @dloret @brandon_wallace
Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it