Responsive Web Design:Tribute Page


Just finished my Tribute page. Please let me know your thoughts.


I like the colors and think it looks very nice! The only thing that I would maybe change is the positioning of the picture by the time line

I agree on the colors. Nice.

I’d move the timeline in towards the right some. Reading all the way from edge to edge on larger monitors can be tough on the eyes, I’ve read. Especially since your individual lines are all relatively short. You could give the time line a 10% margin-left and make it look more compact. That would also move Time Line under the top picture.

I’d move the photo at the bottom. Either centered all the time or maybe to the right of the Time line on desk/lap tops and then centered and below on smaller screens?

Thank you for your feedback! I will try your suggestions.

Was taking a peek (I’m about to do a tribute page…).

I noticed in your HTML file that you have </body> right after the </head> at the top. Shouldn’t that be <body> as you already have a closing body tag at the bottom (</body>)

Edited as I didn’t realize my code portion went invisible!

@Ducky-Thanks for catching that. I just changed it.

How does this look?

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