Suggestions regarding the tribute page

hi there guys i just have finished up with the tribute page it would really help if you guys could me some suggestions about it how can i make it more better it would be of great help please
thank you
here the link

Very nice. The font was maybe a tad bit too hard to read, but I’m not the one to say. One of your pictures of Steve Jobs is skewed funnily, maybe crop it? Plus think about how it looks on mobile phones. Try to implement a responsive design. Just a few suggestions overall was I liked it a lot!

I like the components you are putting together, and the gray scale is very good looking.

What browser are you using? I viewed you pen on the Chrome brower/ Windows OS/desktop PC and the page itself was larger than the frame, and it did not scale to the pen window size.

I looked at it again on an Ipad using Safari and the proportions stayed the same… I had to scroll back and forth to see the whole page.

In terms of design I feel like the word “TIMELINE” is a bit large, out of scale, for the rest of the page. It’s bigger than the name of your subject:))) Maybe Steve’s name and dates should be a little larger, and the word Timeline scaled down:)

Overall, there’s a lot of nice stuff on there and I like the “in a Nutshell” feature.