Tribute Page! Criticize me to DEATH!

Here’s my tribute page, not sure if I did everything right. I made the entire thing before looking at the requirements, then realized you had to use certain id’s and add other things. I think I got em all in there, getting the bottom part to align with flex box was incredibly hard. I guess that will come with practice though? I have such a hard time getting things to lay out how I want them and it makes me dread doing CSS lol. But anyways let me know what you think and how I can improve this.

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Good job overall! I would

remove horizontal scroll bar. Looks like you have something spilling to the right.
Try to align timelines with their subheaders more.
Make it responsive.

Good luck!

I fixed the horizontal scroll but what exactly do you mean try to align them better? I can’t get them to go right over the timelines like I want to…

I redid the tribute page and tried my best to make it responsive! Tell me what you think of it now.

It looks great! well done.

I would include your name on copyright footer and add some hover effects on your icons at the bottom.

Looks good.

  1. Your left/right padding on the #accomplishments-container in the media queries is causing an overflow, if you just do padding: 10px 0; instead, that will fix it.

  2. I would decrease the left/right padding on the #timeline at smaller screen sizes, you can use the 550px break point you already have.

  3. You may want to add a min-width: 320px; to the #box-container.

Thanks a lot! I went back and added some hover effects. Nothing to fancy just a slight change in color. And added my name to the copy right.

Thanks I could not figure out that overflow for the life of me, I thought the video was causing it the entire time thanks a lot! I took your advice and added those things. also removed the border on the main timeline. Feel like it looks nicer with it removed when it gets on smaller screens.