What can I improve in my Tribute Page?

Hello, fellow programmers)

I have a Tribute Page that passes all the tests. Still, I want to know from you what can be improved. Are there any rude mistakes I should avoid, or is my style a bit off? I welcome every tip, every criticism)

Thanks and have a great day.

I think you would get more response to your question if you put it in the project feedback category.
The question you ask is a design question and therefore very subjective, a great design to 1 person is anothers ugly mess if you know what I mean. Nevertheless it is a question I ask myself often about my own projects.
Some simple things you could do would be to make your iframe responsive as you did for your image because it moves off screen as the viewport shrinks.
Another simple thing you might do is give things a little top and bottom padding/margin so there’s a bit more space between elements.
In terms of general design probably the best thing you can do is look at other peoples work and take inspiration from them. You may not yet have the ability to code all thier designs but just do what you can.
Congrats on passing the tests by the way, that is the priority at this point

It would be cool to have some @medias around there, so it would be responsive for some smartphones and etc. Also a background image seems to be a good take on these tribute pages, maybe a song from the artist playing on the background to be the cherry on the top of the cake.


Kudos to your work. Your Tribute page looks cool. :heart:

Meanwhile, you can add a few more things -

  • a cover image
  • a navbar for browsing different sections
  • if possible a sticky nav
  • an external button for the Wikipedia link. An open link is not a good UI practice.
  • a footer, if possible.

Here is my attempt. Tell me what you think. Any feedback is highly appreciable. :hugs:

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