Tribute page help - Font Family

Hi, so I am unsure of how to implement my font source page. I have tried the same way as done in the lessons. It is still not working. Doing this in CSS. Any tips would be very helpful!

<link href=",400i,700|Righteous&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">;
#main {
	font-family: "Libre Baskerville, Righteous";
	font-size: 45px;

@Fenderist1522, if you’re using the link, that goes into the <head> of HTML. If you want to call it in CSS instead, then you’ll use @import, like…

@import url('');

As an aside, if you’re in codepen,

  • the HTML section just wants to see the code you’d put between the <body> </body> tags
  • in the CSS section, you don’t need to use the <style> </style> tags

Edit, I missed that you were calling a second font. So the font family would be like;
font-family: "Libre Baskerville", serif, Righteous, cursive;
The quotes are needed because of the space in the name of the first font.

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@Roma I got it! Thank you for your help!!

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