Tribute Page Help - Unorganized List - Aligning Bullets and Text

I am on the section of my page with the unorganized list. I have the bullets aligned and centered, but for some reason I cannot figure out how to align and center the text with the bullets. Right now my list looks like:

    +    Blahblahblah
    +      Blahblah
    +         Blah

I want it to look like:


You may add in css list-style-position: inside; and then align entire <ul> as a block

Additionally, if you want to decrease the space between bullet and text you may use <span> like:

  li span { 
    position: relative; 
    left: -10px; 

and in html:

            <li><span>item 1</span></li>
            <li><span>item 2</span></li>
            <li><span>item 3</span></li>