Tribute page image center

cannot figure out what to do to get the image centered

any help would be appreciated!

Hey @lmhga :wave: ,

You want to use justify-content: center. In flexbox, align-items and align-self is aligning the elements Vertically (Up and Down). So justify-content is aligning the elements Horizontally (left and right). Here’s for more Flexbox info:

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m still having a little trouble. The issue seems to be the the img is centered when the fig caption is not in the div, but I can’t get it to center when they are both children. I’ve tried various align-items, align-content, and flex-wraps but can’t seem to figure it out .

Hey again there :wave:,

On this part of your code, You used justify-content, which is a flex property.
Remember that you CANNOT use flex properties without declaring display:flex first. So just by adding display: flex on to the css, it will work again.