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Hello campers…
I started learning to code with my phone few weeks back. I have finished all the challenges in the responsive web design level. But I am at a dead end as all my efforts to add a picture to my Tribute page project is not working.What could be wrong with my code…someone please help.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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please post the link to your project, otherwise we can’t help

This is the link to the project

Because the address you’re using is the address to the page, not the address of the image. To get that, right click on the image and click ‘Copy Link Address’. That’s what gets pasted into the src attribute.

I am using my phone so when I open the image the “copy link address” doesnt come up among the pop up options. So the link you are seeing is the link address I copied when I didnt open the picture.

I can’t help with trying to program using a phone. Not something I’ve tried.

The address you need to see the pic is this;