Tribute Page Project -- Eddie Van Halen

I just finished the Tribute Page Project

Please take a look and let me know if I made any crazy mistakes or areas that need improvement

I know I was crazy for wanting to place (and keep the text in place when resizing) over the image, but I found myself wanting to make it work even though it was a pain.


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Hey @breadedfish!

I think your page looks great. One thing that I noticed was this.

The link isn’t that obvious to click on . So maybe choose a different color so the user knows that it is a link.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

Great job for first project! Really like the text over image, even if it was a pain (get used to that feeling :joy:)

Hey @breadedfish. Great job! I like the way you put the text besides the image. Wonderful! But, I mind if I give some suggestions?:

  • Don’t use @import CSS rules to import Google Fonts. Using @import will slow down your project. When you want to import Google Fonts, do the following:

    • First remove the @import statements.
    • Next go to Google Fonts and pick your fonts.
    • Click on the “Embed” tab on the left sidebar.
    • Copy the code provided and go to CodePen.
    • Click on the settings icon at the top of HTML box.
    • Paste your code in the "Stuff for <head>" box.

  • Why did you use @charset rule in CSS? I think that is unnecessary.

Anyway, impressive work and I like it. Thumbs up! :+1:t2:

thanks, I went ahead and updated it

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Oh! I’ve never used codepen before, I used @import because I just assumed there was no option to put code into the head tags thanks!.

I use adobe dreamweaver, when you create a new html file it puts <meta charset="utf-8"> in the file. Then if you use it to generate a css file it will automatically put the @charset in. I did a little digging at stackoverflow claims that it saves the browser the time to declare what charset to set, so I see no harm in leaving it in?


Hello @breadedfish,

If there is no problem with that, then you are free to use it.