Tribute page project stuck

Hello, I finished all steps besides the last one which says to place the image as centered within it’s parent…i tried searching online for a solution, but justifying as centered and aligning it just won’t do… I ran out of ideas, I applied these to both the #image and #img-div…How is this last step supposed to be looking like? Thank you so much for reading my problem ^^

Welcome to the forum.
We need to see your code to help you.
Do you have it on codepen or somewhere else by any chance?

You can also post code here
To make code look like


press ctrl-e


  <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">
  <title id=title>Nicholas Tesla</title>
<main id=main>
  <div id=img-div><img src="#" id=image>
<div id=img-caption>dfdf</div>
  <div id=tribute-info>dfgdsfg</div>
  <a href= target=_blank id=tribute-link>fdf</a>


  display: block;

these are my html and css codes, i am only stuck on the last mission, i only made it so i have it finished, it is not designed at all

I have solved thiss after all, thank you though

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