Tribute Page to Michael Jordan: Feedback welcome :D

Hi Campers,

This is my tribute page. Any feedback is appreciated.


What Jordan says to “King James” - You can steal my number, but you can’t steal my crown!

I love Michael Jordan, and this was a great tribute!

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Hi Isaac,

Thanks for liking my tribute page. Do you have any comments with regards to how I can improve it? I could probably add more content but I am more interested in the quality of the code. So I can improve it and I move on to the more challenge projects.



Of course you can move on. As for quality of code and things I can give some comments.

  1. You are forgetting to close 3 of your divs (look at first container-fluid, last container and row).
  2. Don’t forget to add “The most common meta viewport tag” (important if you make sites not on codepen - this will save you grief later).
  3. You nested all of your content in a container-fluid… You don’t really need this. You can just have a jumbotron, then container, then container etc.
  4. In your timeline row you have the heading text and columns. It would be better to not nest the text in the row, but in the container itself. This way the text is in the container itself, and the columns are in the row alone.
  5. You have 3 images of MJ. They look pretty cool on desktop, but on Mobile they are too big and detract from rest of page and timeline. How about combining all the images into one image in paint or photoshop, and having .img-responsive class on it? This way you would have the same cool thing you have on desktop view on mobile.

Hi Isaac,

You are a :star2: Thanks for the feedback. I have made the recommended amendments and the page is much more repsonsive and looks less like a page hacked together hopefully. Feeling more confident to work on my profile now. Will probably come back to it once I get my head around Javascript and jQuery.

Thanks a lot. :smiley: