- Tribute Page - upload image from my hard drive to Code Pen With Out Go Pro

I know how to upload an image from FTP to web host server for my website but I do not know how to get an image onto code pen without paying for GoPro and I cannot afford GoPro I’m already 2 months behind on my rent with no income how do I get this image on Code pen so that I can complete this challenge.
HTML CSS is not a problem but I don’t know how to get the image to Code Pen from My hard drive

I might be miss something but why not just load it to Google drive and reference it by link?

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I’ve found cloudinary to be a good free online file host. You can make an account there and host your images. You would upload an image from your hardrive to your cloudinary account and then you link the given url to your codepen project.

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Thanks. Cloudinary looks awesome!

Love it. Thanks for the rec.