Tribute to Didier Drogba - feedbacks greatly appreciated!

Hi, I would love to know what you guys think of my project. This is my first time using bootstrap, so my code may be a bit messy to read.

Here’s the link:

Tribute Page for Didier Drogba

It has every element that is should have, and more. I wouldn’t worry about the code. You’re learning! You could always go back to this page in a later stage, and clean the code up.

My tribute page was messy as well, with a mishmash of Bootsrap, CSS and even inline style. I saw this excercise as a way to practice all the different things I had read and learned in the challenges. Would I be comfortable showing my mixed code to a client? Hell no.

Thank you so much for your feedback!!

Before FCC projects I was using primarily floats and inline styles to make the layout of my pages. I learned bootstrap 2 days ago, so I wanted to implement it to my first project just to see how it is. Took me a million year to look up all the classes and their functions though haha.