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I’ve been struggling with completing the code. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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class ControlledInput extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {
  this.state = {
    input: ''
  // change code below this line
  handleChange(event) {
  // change code above this line
// change code below this line

// change code above this line
render() {
  return (
      { /* change code below this line */}
      <input value = {this.state.input}/>
      { /* change code above this line */}
      <h4>Controlled Input:</h4>

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Challenge: Create a Controlled Input

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Welcome, john.

Some cheat-tips for React:

  1. Do not define methods within methods. handleChange is a method, and you can consider constructor to be a default(pre-defined) method.
  2. If you have the word this used on any of your defined methods, bind them inside the constructor. This is where you were taught (this.methodName = this.methodName.bind(this))
  3. Unless you have defined a component so, explicitly close all of your HTML (jsx) elements.

For this challenge, spend some time learning about some of the events:

Remember that jsx events are written in camelCase.

Hope this helps

Thank you, I appreciate your time and help.