Truncate a String (regarding the number 3)

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I was able to come out with the solution. However i could not understand the usage of the number 3 which everyone is using in the official thread below.

Am i missing something or is there a problem with my solution?

Thanks in advance.

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function truncateString(str, num) {
  // Clear out that junk in your trunk
  if (num >= str.length) {
    return str;
  else {
    str = str.slice(0 , num)+"...";
  return str;

truncateString("A-tisket a-tasket A green and yellow basket", 8);

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When the curriculum was updated recently, the challenge changed the requirements. The newer challenge is less complicated.

See below for the older version of the challenge instructions:

Truncate a string (first argument) if it is longer than the given maximum string length
(second argument). Return the truncated string with a … ending.

Note that inserting the three dots to the end will add to the string length.

However, if the given maximum string length num is less than or equal to 3, then the addition
of the three dots does not add to the string length in determining the truncated string.