Try out and review my Voting app project!

I haven’t done any FCC stuff for a while, so I decided to try out the back end. The “create an API” style projects looked extremely dull so I did the first one of the next set: the Voting App.

It’s hosted/viewable on Hyperdev:

In case that link doesn’t work (Hyperdev shuts down projects after some time), go to this link and press “Show”:!/project/sky-spur

Now we can finally finish with the best text editor threads! (probably not actually).

Try out adding new polls, voting, deleting, sharing etc. If you find bugs, or have reviews to give, that would be awesome! I hope the CSS isn’t overwhelming (or maybe underwhelming) and the site is responsive and user friendly. I’d really like feedback on the design, since I must have spent about half the time figuring out some of the CSS itself.

One regret I have is not using React for the front end, with react-router. It would’ve made the front-end a lot easier to manage. I should probably have used the Bootstrap grid too, now that I think about it.

P.S. Github repo for those interested in Sass, JS code without uglifying:

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I loved your voting app! I used it for inspiration for some parts of my app. I occasionally peeked at your code when I got stuck. Although, mine is still a little simpler than yours. Mine:

Wow, that’s awesome. The styling is incredible. Nice work.

Yours looks great! One thing I’d do is add meta tags to make it mobile compatible. Otherwise I get a really zoomed out page. Also couldn’t find the add a new option on polls once I logged in.

Regardless, it’s great and I’m glad my project was some help!

@bonham000 thank you for the kind words!