Trying to find work with training on job

Was wondering if anyone on here might have some advice for a basic tech job field i could do while I study all these different choices of development. I dont have a bunch of tech in my resume. Like maybe a cable company. I have talked to customer service people in tech who say they were trained on the job. just something to get in the door while i study this is going to take like a year daily to sink in and a bunch of projects. I am having java script difficulty and I want to work while I study.

Programming isn’t a “get on the job training from scratch” sort of field. You have to start with fundamental skills before a company will hire you.

Yeah I meant like maybe a tech job that I could do while I study programming long term. I am going to start searching just thought maybe someone on forum did that idea while they studied. Like a cable company helping with internet over the phone or a cell phone company.

There are millions of jobs out there. There aren’t really any that are designed to help you become a programmer if you aren’t one.

Some might offer training courses in their benefits packages?


Thank you for your help yeah Ill look for something to do while i study parttime in programming

Technology is such a huge part of our lives and our industries that you’re right that there are lots of jobs that could increase your exposure to certain aspects of technology. If that’s something that appeals to you as a way to pay the bills while you study, then I encourage you to go for it. As a rule, the more technical a job function is the more likely it is to require some form of certification and/or prexisting knowledge. I agree with Jeremy in that I don’t know of any jobs where you would learn how to program as part of your job training. If a job requires heavy computer usage, then it might provide an opportunity for you to apply your coding knowledge in a real-world scenario. For example, if you’re doing a lot of manual data processing, you might be able to write scripts to make your job easier.


Thanks for both your helps on this random topic. Yeah I might do some customer service using a computer to practice typing and use a computer while I talk they always need someone now a days.

Consider looking into entry-level positions with cable companies or in customer service. These roles often provide valuable exposure to the tech industry and can be an excellent way to build a foundation while you study.

When I was diving into the tech world, I started out with a basic tech job too. Mine was at a local computer repair shop. It wasn’t glamorous, but it gave me hands-on experience while I was studying. Plus, like you mentioned, a lot of tech jobs offer on-the-job training, which is a huge bonus. As for Java Script, don’t sweat it too much.