Trying to Reset state after after a condition is Met in React

Hello, I hope everyone is doing great, I have been dealing with this issue for the past couple of days and I have searched and tried so many ways to implement the following functionality on a small react project I am building.
here is a link to what I’m trying to achieve

below is my code so far.
This is the component where I’m fetching the data that I need from an external API
##DataLoad component

import axios from "axios";
import { InputField } from './Input';

export class StudentList extends React.Component{
    this.state = {
      students: [],
      input: "",

    this.handleChange = this.handleChange.bind(this)

  async componentDidMount(){
    try {
      const response = await axios.get(``);
      } catch(error){
      alert('Wrong Json data from url')

    const dataSearch = this.state.students.filter(item => {
      return item.firstName.toLowerCase().includes(|| item.lastName.toLowerCase().includes(
      students: dataSearch
   } else if (!{
     const initialData = this.state.students
         students: initialData

    const elements = => {
      const studentGrades = student.grades;
      const sum =
      let sumGradeOfStudent = sum.reduce((a, b) =>(a + b) / sum.length )
      return (
        <div key={} className="data-container">
          <div className="image">
            <img src={student.pic}  alt="student-pics"/>
            <div className="data-wrapper">
              <h3>{student.firstName} {student.lastName}</h3>
              <p>Email:{} </p>
              <p>Company:{} </p>
              <p>Average: {sumGradeOfStudent.toFixed(2)}%</p>
              <hr />
  return (
     <InputField input={this.state.input}  handleChange={this.handleChange} />

if you can take a Look at the handleChange method. after setting state the first time. I am trying to set it again inside the else if statement when the value in the input target is false. so I created a new variable and set it to the state. but it doesn't work, if you look at my console.log, I don't get the full items in the states([]), what I get is a fraction of what changed during the first time the state was initialized when the handleChange method was initialized.  
I also tried making A shallow copy of the state by using slice, because I saw from StackOverflow that the difference between the old and the new state won't be detected. 
still yet It still doesn't work. I have been on this for a few days now. if anyone can point me to the right direction I will appreciate it or take a look at it and tell me where I'm making an error. I look forward to a response please.

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