Trying to think of a topic for technical documentation page task

Hello everyone. I am trying to think of a topic for technical documentation page, since I dont feel like an expert on any coding relating topics I don’t have any certain areas in mind I could explore . I wonder If some of you could offer to do a work on certain topic that would be interesting or valuable to explore. Any sugestions would help me. Thank you in advance.

I saw an amazingly funny technical documentation page about cats once that made me laugh. Can’t remember exactly what it said, but I remember the code section was funny, something regarding the cats source code, and the section on how to properly take care of your owner was good. It doesn’t have to be computer related, I’d say pick something you like and make it fun.

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That was my initial thought since all my work is about cats. :smiley: I think I’ll stick to “How to capture a cat.” I still not quiet sure what to do in code section, can it be nothing related to coding?

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There is no requirement regarding content that I know of, as long as it has all the required HTML elements. You may want to show it to employers in a portfolio someday, so keep that in mind if you might want to use it that way.

I thought about that too. But its not that hard to replace the content and keep it as a template. The important part is to have fun after all, so I don’t mind if it will make me extra work. Its only a third project on html/css for me so I think I want to be a bit more advanced to be able to show my abilities in web design for emplyment. But thank you anyway.

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i just finished a replica of the django documentation today it is a bit horrendous though :sweat_smile: (i forgot to remove padding in the main section for mobile devices and the navbar links are spread a bit wide x.x)

Its so pretty <3 love the color palet you chose.

thanks i was thinking maybe as an idea you could do something similar but for like react documentation or angular documentation or something? or maybe a bit wild but an appliance manual in your house you could turn into a website :thinking:

heres a glance in to my work :smiley:

Wow, that nav menu is awesome. Does the whole thing pop out on hover, or each tab individually? Will be interesting to see the final result.

It both pops out the navigation bar when you hover a navigation bar and each tab pops out of the navigation bar separately, when hovered. I felt lazy so I didnt do anything more then that. I dont have a github so I can’t share the code. But I could send you a text file with the code in private if youd like to see it.

Sure, would like to check it out. The old fCC curriculum didn’t have its own code editor, but instead used CodePen to build and test the projects, so if you actually wanted to show your code off or post on “Code Feedback”, you could set it up in CodePen, and then share the link to the Full Screen view. here it is.

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Haha, nice. The code section art is amazing.

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