Tutorial for Google Apps Scripts

Hi, i have a goal: make a bot on telegram that sends information to google spreadsheet, than use some A.I to return a something to the Telegram user. It’s a very fun project, but it does needs understanding of google apps scripts and JavaScript.

All I ask, is one of those videos on youtube.

freeCodeCamp does have a lot of material on JavaScript. The last time I looked I don’t remember seeing any videos on the freeCodeCamp channel about google apps though.

True, did a quick search, only two articles.

Dunno why, Javascript is so powerfull. Than even gives me the chills.

I wouldn’t use Google Apps Script for this.

I’d instead create the entire thing in node.js using whatever libraries you need, with the final part connecting to Google’s client api’s to send information to a sheet.

This way you can use whatever tutorials/logic/libraries you need with node.js to get this working, and then figure out how to connect it to a google sheet at the end. Rather than trying to figure out how to do it and get it to work in an App Script environment.

App Script is fine for limited use-cases, but you want to call other api’s, and use AI stuff. Neither of which will be documented in a tutorial, nor would they be a common use-case for App Script, making it potentially impossible to even execute, due to the run-time environment for App Script being limited as its managed by Google.

Hi, thank you for replying, I have zero knowledge of JavaScript, so minus zero of Node.Js. The thing about Google scripts its a mix of spreadsheet commands and JavaScript, its like really fast to deploy for example a quick response from the bot, like your name and surname for example. Really quick script and it costs 0 USD.
Do you believe that the same can be reached via Node.js? And is it cheap? i feel that node.js will require and external+paid server.

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