Twitch streams versus channels

Okay gang. I finally managed to get data back to see the logo and display name for each channel. I was also able to correctly show whether FCC channel is online or not. My stumbling block is how to get data from the “channels” directory to bring back the name and logos but then getting the online status from the “streams” directory. I am stuck on the logic.

On a side note, somehow each time I run this the order of sites rotates. I am using the prepend or append function in JS. Is there an easier way so channels stay in order?

Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.

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I bookmarked this question as I am yet to attempt this challenge. I would be happy to pair programme with you on this if you like. I am +0 GMT London time zone.
(Note: I am quite busy this weekend if you are still interested but we only need an hour or so)