Twitch TV Account Logo Doesn't Show Up

I am working on the twitchTV project and I am currently able to get info from the API like I hoped to do, but for some reason, I cannot get the twitch account’s logo to show up in the preliminary buttons I am making to test out the code I’ve written so far.
Here is the JS:

$.getJSON('’, function(data) {
// console.log(data._links[“channel”]);

$(".ac4").add(""+"").appendTo(".ac4"); // This doesn’t work

$("#freecodecamp").html("" +""); // this doesn’t work either


Here is the corresponding HTML:
(NOTE: I used an external library to find online/offline status - that is what is at the top of the html file, and that is why I have the img tags within the buttons inside the HTML)
Any tips on how I can get the logo for the account and the stream to both show up would be great! Am I approaching this task the wrong way? Any specific examples are welcome too!

The logo is in the object you get back from the Kraken API if that streamer is online (data.logo). You’re going to have to supply a user logo for streamers who are not online. I would also drop that external library. The channels API should provide everything you need for a list of users.