API i cannot get online offline thing to work (my if statement not working.) *FIXED

i need help !!
i wrote if stream !== null return online else return offline and even if stream is not null it will return offline. :frowning:

Hey. Iโ€™ll give you an hint on this one. Iโ€™ve added a bunch of console.log in your code; replace the first part of your forEach with the one shown below (I changed nothing, just added the console.log(s)). Then, see if you can understand whatโ€™s wrong with your code by looking at what they print out in your console (F12 to open the Dev Tools):

  users.forEach(function(user, i){
    console.log("%cIteration n."+i, "color:darkgrey");
    // Stream online or offline JSON null=offline
    stream = urlStream + user;
    console.log("stream  = urlStream + %c"+user, "color:#842e2e;");
    // getting channel info JSON
    channel = urlChannel + user;
    console.log("channel = urlChannel + %c"+user, "color:#2e4084;"); 
  console.log("%cGetting Channel: ", "color:#2e4084;", channel); 
  i === users.length-1 ? console.log("%cLoop done!"+" %cBut... wait a minute.", "color:green;", "color:grey;") : '';
  $.getJSON(channel, function(data){
  console.log("%cGetting Stream: ", "color:#842e2e;", stream);
    $.getJSON(stream, function(stat){
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Thanks dude. that certainly helps alot !!! :joy: