Twitchtv JSON API call

I am not able to access Twitchtv JSON API, Please help me.

maybe your internet connection is down :slight_smile: Just kidding. Can you share your codepen so we take a look?

When I am using var (url ="";);) this API that time it’s giving (CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’)72.p this and when I am using (“”;)://w that it gives data but not valuebal.eocketleague";) that it’s give data but not valuable.

Why don’t you use twitch api directly. Just register for an api key. Its all free


You are saying, if I create account in then it’s working ? I am facing this problem from yesterday.

Yes. I’,m using it in my app created about 2 years ago and still working. Here my code
As far as I know twitch released a new version api and the old ones will be still available until end of year.