Ubuntu stability vs MacOS

Why the stability issues in Ubuntu compared to MacOS?

They’re built using the *nix, so why the issues in Ubuntu?

MacOs is developed by professional people in Apple, by the way ubuntu is a open source project (everyone can access the code). So many people try to make Ubuntu better day after day, but it’s hard to get more stable than MacOs, because MacOs was developed to be stable from the beginning. This is my opinion, doesn’t need to be right.

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MacOS is developed to work on a limited number of device with appropriate hw. This is the strong point of MacOs and iOS IMHO.


From using both MacOS and Ubuntu, homebrew is alot nicer package to update software than using ubuntu’s aptitude / apt. what’s nice with MacOS is you get a consistent UI, though i wouldn’t be put off trying.

I have a macbook running macOS, and a desktop pc running manjaro linux which a distro of arch linux, so have the benefits of being updated often (rolling release).

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I asked because I’ve ran MacOS for years now, replacing MS (which I hated) and now have an old HP Pavillion installed with Ubuntu, and compare to the MacOS laptop, which are the same age (same guts if you are interested; Intel chip, same RAM same same everything.) And there’s a HUGE discrepancy in stability and functionality.

Well, it all depends on the Linux distro you choose, I for one don’t like any Ubuntu flavour, so I tried Linux Mint, and even though LM is a distro based on Ubuntu, I’ve yet to have any stability issue or any issue for that matter. I’ve also given up on MS, specially on programming, there’s nothing more convinient than the terminal, once you get the hang of it… you can do so much.

So, If you want to try Linux and have a better experience, I’d say try other distro’s. I’ve personally never tried Manjaro or any Arch distro, but I’ve heard they’re good. I prefer LinuxMint because it’s more popular than Manjaro, so it has a bigger community to help you if you ever have any problem (haven’t had one yet, but still if I ever did, I know I have that option.)


If you ask this question to 10 different people, you’ll get 10 different answers every time.
To answer your question, the reason for instability is due to 2 things.

  1. Apple is one of the worlds most valuable companies, who pays 6 figure salaries to engineers to ensure that it’s more stable than competing unix environments. Ubuntu is OSS distro, while they have talented ppl contributing, they don’t have the resources of an Apple.
  2. As someone already mentioned above, OSX is engineered specifically for the hardware it ships on, unlike windows and Linux, which are ‘generic’ and require lots of tweaking, driver installation and optimizations to even make them work. let alone stable.

There are OSX fans, there are windows fans, and there are Linux fans. Everyone has their own opinion.
My 2 cents: If you can afford/have access to OSX, use it over linux. Linux is great and there are a few jobs that require a linux env and not an OSX one, you’ll have far fewer headaches setting things up on OSX than the others.

Also, if you really want to get that linux working and be more stable, I would stray from Ubuntu. No offense to ubuntu fans, but I think it’s only a step above windows, and I think windows is a step below trash.
If you want something that gets better updates, quicker and is more stable, I would look at other distros. I really enjoyed Arch Linux, it’s basically a blank slate and thus required a ton of setup to even get started, let alone compete with my OsX environment. The docs were great, and once it was setup, it was very good, miles above what ubuntu could provide. Not headache free but nothing is, anyways.

Have fun, anything is better than windows, good luck.


of the Linux Mint flavors, which one;
Linux Mint Debian Edition
Linux Mint 18.1 Serena

18.1 Serena Is the one I’m currently using.

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Did someone said stability?

For maximum stability, you need try RHEL, or one of his great family like CentOS.

Please note RHEL is really enterprise, you may not taking it as desktop(since it works of course). I’ve working many years with CentOS, it’s simply awesome! really. You need also get along with LT system.