Ubuntu vs windows 10

My windows 10 run pc has become so slow that I can’t get any work done. A friend recommended that I install dual boot win10 & Ubuntu. Is that a good idea? Are the installation procedures recommended on the Ubuntu website the way to go or is there a better way? Thanks. David

Without knowing what exactly your looking for, I’ll assume you want the following.

  1. A faster computer
  2. Non-duel boot
  3. Be able to work
  4. Don’t want to play windows games, or games in general

The general answer to your question is yes following the instructions provided by Ubuntu’s official docs is a safe bet.

For the most part, Ubuntu is known as the most user-friendly starter distro, even if it is only because so many people start with Linux by installing Ubuntu, rather than some of the more “complex” distros out there. Sticking with the docs, doing the main stream, and not looking into duel booting should be a smooth road, outside of the usual BIOS issues.
Just be sure to keep another internet connected device around incase you run into issues and google your way :slight_smile:

A final warning I want to give just in case **be sure to backup all your important files from your windows drive even if your not duel booting (your throwing windows 10 out the window)

Goodluck, and enjoy Linux :smile:

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Hi Brad,

Yes, I want a faster pc, be able to work and I am not into games at all. But, at this stage, I figure I will go for dual boot and try ubuntu for a while. Later on, if I need more space, then can I just get rid of the win10 and have solely Ubuntu on that hard disk? Do you recommend the dual boot on the Ubuntu website or this link, https://youtu.be/x1ykDpSzpKU (a few slight differences)?
Thanks. David

It’s perfectly fine with following either of these. Ubuntu support is outstanding if you run into issues. Dual-boot is also fine if that’s what you feel or want to do. You can change your mind later, it’s really easy to set up that distro. Welcome to linux, it’s really fun and interesting :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Am looking forward to open source.

If you’re new to linux, I recommend trying Manjaro: https://manjaro.org

It was meant to be beginner-friendly, it sure is. And, it’s pretty fast too.

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Thanks. Will look into that.

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